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Wednesday, May 24, 2017




A.S.A.P. is involved in the planning and implementation of a number of community-based programs.  Volunteers and donations are welcomed!

Y.E.L.L. (Youth Empowering Lasting Leadership)

Y.E.L.L. is a group aimed formed by A.S.A.P. in partnership with the Nantucket Community School and the Nantucket Police in January 2013 to educate and encourage youth to become positive role models throughout their day-to-day interactions.  The goal of the club is to create a ripple effect, with each teen influencing their peers in a positive way.  Cathy Kelly represents A.S.A.P. in the program and works cooperatively with Sgt. Kevin Marshall of the Nantucket Police Department and Caitlin Waddington of the Nantucket Community School Click here to access a recent article about the Y.E.L.L. group published in the Inquirer and Mirror.


Prescription drug abuse is a topic of heightened interest by the local, regional and national news media given the increase in crime related to this topic and also high profile celebrity deaths allegedly tied to drug abuse. The Drug Free Communities (DFC) grant and A.S.A.P. have recently been featured in print, TV and radio interviews. Stories have appeared in the Nantucket Inquirer & Mirror and have been broadcast on Nantucket's Geno TV/Channel 17 and Cape Cod Broadcasting radio news. To review a recent editorial in the Nantucket High School Veritas student newspaper written by A.S.A.P. board member Parker Richards, click here.


Youth Risk Behavior Surveys are conducted at both the high school and middle school. Posters and advertisements are created as a followup to the survey, based on the overall results. All communications are created in both English and Spanish languages.


Drug Take Back at Island Pharmacy


A.S.A.P. drug take back programs have continued annually at Dan's Pharmacy, the Saltmarsh Senior Center and Island Pharmacy. Our thanks to John Rockett of the Nantucket Police Department  for assisting with this program. as well as ASAP board member/pharmacist Allan Bell (Island Pharmacy and Nantucket Pharmacy), pharmacist Dan Balling (Dan's Pharmacy) and Nantucket Cottage Hospital pharmacist David Small for their services. By safely disposing of outdated prescription medications, seniors and others eliminate risky situations at home and also protect the environment and water quality.


In October we partnered with the Nantucket Public Schools, Lighthouse School and Nantucket New School as well as the Dreamland Theatre, A Safe Place, Nantucket Police Department, Nantucket Fire Department, Inquirer & Mirror, and other island organizations and the public schools in participating in Red Ribbon Week.  Red Ribbon Week is funded in part by the Town of Nantucket Human Services grant program.

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