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Sunday, December 21, 2014


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Red Ribbon Week Announces Theme for 2014.

"We don’t believe that this is what anyone here envisions for the future of Nantucket. We were recently cited by National Geographic as the best island in the world. Do we wish to stay on that list or join San Padre Island, Tybee Island,  or Fort Lauderdale on the list of college student party venues?"


-Mike Dagesse, Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention Nantucket coalition secretary/treasurer



“We’ve become the place for the big, out-of-control party that Martha’s Vineyard and other places aren’t experiencing, We’re not thinking we’re going to shut the beach down. That’s false reasoning. But if we could help stem the tide so the crowds of partyers are not growing year after year, and also promote people to come who have respect for our beaches and the island. There seems to be a real disrespect for our beaches and the commu­nity by people who are coming here just to cause trouble.”

-Linda Spery, Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention Nantucket coalition president



"Last year’s July 4 was the most boisterous, noisiest and trouble-filled holiday weekend I’ve seen in 22 years. The whole tenor was ‘how messed up can we get?’ With that number of people down there and that amount of drinking, eventually someone is going to be seriously hurt or even die."

-William Ferrall, journalist/former Nantucket Cottage Hospital communications officer

"Nantucket police are consider­ing whether to request as many as a dozen State Police troopers or other law-enforcement officers from the mainland to augment its own forces. (Nantucket Police Chief William) Pittman said his strat­egy for Nobadeer will likely in­clude stepped-up enforcement on the beach to crack down on under­age drinking, a complete prohibi­tion on beach driving, vastly limiting parking and informa­tional checkpoints. He is exploring the possibility of providing trans­portation to those leaving the beach at the end of the day to alle­viate the crowds when the party ends.

-Inquirer & Mirror, June 7, 2012


“The strategy this year is we’re going to focus on underage drink­ing. We’ll bring in more officers and we’ll actually go down into the crowd, which is not what we’ve done before, and we’ll cull them out.  So anybody coming to the beach drinking, it doesn’t matter what beach it is that weekend, better have an ID with them.”

-Nantucket Police Chief William Pittman


"Of course we want people to come and enjoy our island; our economy obviously thrives on that.  However, we must be cognizant that the behaviors of a growing number of young people put that very tourist industry at risk.  I believe that most tourists come here because of the natural beauty and relaxing pace of our island and we may well chase some of these people away if we continue to allow others to come and destroy what we have created."

-W. Michael Cozort, Nantucket Public Schools superintendent

"As the mental health/alcohol and other drug treatment provider on Nantucket, Family and Children Services Nantucket is acutely aware of the havoc that alcohol and other drugs cause in people's lives.  We are also very well aware of the problems associated with the yearly party at Nobadeer Beach on the 4th of July.  Every year we hear stories about young (underage) people drinking to the point of passing out.  This past year a young woman came close to losing her life as a result of this party.  We believe this party is something that the Nantucket community needs to strongly address.  We need to send a clear message that while we want people to come to the island and enjoy themselves, we also want them to respect our community.  We believe a strong message needs to be sent about responsible drinking and not only for people underage, but for everyone."

-Peter Swenson, former Family and Children's Services of Nantucket executive director

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