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A.S.A.P. hosts events on Island to focus on issues that are occurring. These presentations are to get students and locals involved and to let them know of critical issues.

Keep up to date with our past, present and upcoming events so you can attend!

ACK SOBER Radio Shows:

ACK SOBER is a radio program hosted by Janina Kean, a substance use disorders expert and psychiatric nurse practitioner. Guests interview with Janina on Natucket's local NPR radio station- 89.5, to discuss alcohol, drug, addiction and other related behavioral health topics. Listen to our podcasts below.

Youth Survey on Substance Use

Parenting Strategies: The Risky Teen Years

ASAP hosted our first bilingual community event on February 12th with Diana Clark, JD, MA “Parenting Strategies; The Risky Teenage Years” to help provide information for parents, students, teachers, counselors and community members on what is considered normal teenage behavior versus risky teenage behavior. Diana Clark is considered an expert in the field of parenting and substance use disorders and is the author of several workshops and a book entitled “Addiction Recovery: A Family's Journey” and an audio book “What Love Looks Like”. As a community, we were very fortunate to have her speak to us on a snowy night that could have kept her (or many here) away. Attendees listened with intent in

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