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A.S.A.P. hosts events on Island to focus on issues that are occurring. These presentations are to get students and locals involved and to let them know of critical issues.

Keep up to date with our past, present and upcoming events so you can attend!

ACK SOBER Radio Shows:

ACK SOBER is a radio program hosted by Janina Kean, a substance use disorders expert and psychiatric nurse practitioner. Guests interview with Janina on Natucket's local NPR radio station- 89.5, to discuss alcohol, drug, addiction and other related behavioral health topics. Listen to our podcasts below.

Youth Survey on Substance Use

Don't Be a Fool, Lose the Juul

We were very fortunate to bring Christine Johnston of Springfield College to Nantucket to present "A New Wave of Addiction: Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems". Christine gave attendees a vocabulary lesson on the names for the many devices available on the market, and perhaps more importantly what youth are calling them, namely, Juul. She also explained the risks associated with nicotine use among teenagers - prime brain development time. ASAP is very fortunate to have been able to record this program with the help of NCTV, so please feel free to follow this link to view in English, and this to view in Spanish. We also have the slides available to distribute, just email us. Christine pre

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