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Family Awareness Program on Addiction

Since April 2016, Janina Kean has been teaching her two ay Family Awareness Program on Addiction to the Nantucket Community.

Since April 2016, Janina Kean, substances use disorders expert and Yale trained, board certified psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner, has been teaching a two day course called the Family Awareness Program on Addiction. This is the same course she offered to families and individuals whose lives are impacted by addiction during her 18 year tenure as CEO of a treatment facility in Ct. The free program as been made available to the Nantucket community through A.S.A.P. and the Nantucket Behavioral Health Task Force through a generous donation from the Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation. A.S.A. P. is currently seeking funding to continue this program for one more year. If you would like to help; contact us!

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