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Let's Talk: Continuing the Conversation on Mental Health

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness month ASAP hosted another "Let's Talk" event, this time covering Human Emotions.

The panel consisted of Jackie Lane, Executive Director for NAMI Cape & Islands, Tess de Alberdi Executive Director of Fairwinds, Darcie Evans, Sheri Perelman of Dharma Yoga, Candice Tetrault of Gosnold, Tobias Glidden and Kyleigh Leddy.

The goal of the forum was to provide the community with an overview on mental health starting with healthy vs. unhealthy levels of stress, depression and anxiety and to provide information on more acute types of mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. We asked some family members to share their experiences living with someone who suffered from a mental health disorder. Additionally, we encouraged panel members to offer ways of coping and maintaining well-being whether through support groups, yoga, meditation and therapy.

The evening was an opportunity for conversation, questions and seeking answers. We were pleased by the turnout and enthusiasm (especially for this time of year) with attendees staying 45 minutes past the end time. Stay tuned for more conversations on mental health and substance use in the coming months.

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