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ACK Teen Collaborative

In January of 2021 ASAP, along with colleagues at Health Imperatives, Nantucket Atheneum, Nantucket Family Resource Center, Nantucket Boys & Girls Club and the Nantucket Community School launched several programs for Island teenagers for the winter.

The Teen Fitness Pass allows High School students full use of EZIA Athletic Club, including personal training, at a DEEP discount for 90 days (Jan. 19 - Apr. 19).

In response to teens requesting life-skills learning, Cooking with Alice is a virtual 5 week cooking class that includes all grocery items to prepare a meal for a family of four. Class is conveniently scheduled for late afternoon so that dinner is ready at just the right time. Both teens and parents are enjoying this treat.

Big Leaders, Little Leaders is a mentoring program that matches Nantucket High School and Intermediate School students. To start, participants are meeting at the Boys & Girls Club on Saturdays for games, crafts and conversation. This teen requested program gives younger students a friend outside their family circle and can boost self-esteem, teach interpersonal skills and promote healthy relationship and lifestyle choices. The teens are gaining experience as leaders and receive the same benefits as their mentees - they strive to be good role models for their mentees.

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